Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Picture frame serving tray

Step 1. head on out to your local thrift store and look for the ugliest frames you can find. The ones you’d never in a million years put in your house. Metal, wood it doesn’t matter just make sure they have a lot of detail.
Step 2. on the way home hit your local hardware store and purchase a can (or two or three depending on your needs) of spray paint in whatever colour you’d like. This is the fun part as there are so many fun colours to choose from now like watermelon or pistachio.
Step 3. once you’re home remove the backing and glass from your frames and set aside.
Step 4. using a very fine sandpaper give your wood frames a little sanding (you won’t need to do this to metal frames).
Step 5. in a well ventilated area spray your frames with the paint to your hearts content. Spray from a few inches away and use a sweeping motion. It’s better to have to go over the frames multiple times than to create drips from too much paint.
Step 6. When the frames are dry you’ve got a few options. You can either put just the clear glass back in or you can put coordinating fabric or scrapbook paper inside (under the glass) for an added touch of fun.

From LindyWhen I originally thought of this idea it was for a dessert table. I thought using different sized frames as stationery serving trays would create a fun punch of color and add texture to the table. I wasn’t able to make a full buffet table for my submission but I have including a couple of pictures with food as an example. You could use one big frame for the wedding cake and smaller frames around it with other treats.

Now with that said…these frames could also be used for seating charts (put main seating chart into frame or each table into a separate frame), or scattered around a buffet table to describe the dishes, or use them around the venue on a thank you table next to gifts or with a picture of the bride and groom next to the guest book…really the possibilities are endless.