Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April Fools Foods


April Fool's is only 3 days away...

Here are 11 fun, family friendly food pranks! 

A few healthy, some gross [see #5] , but all fun :)

#1: Fakin' and Eggs @ Making Memories

#2:Dessert for Dinner @ Rosy Cheeks

#3: Meat Loaf Cake @ Black Widow Bakery
[complete with mashed potato icing!]

#4: Angel Food Toast @ Family Fun

#5: Kitty Litter Cake @ Kristian Hoffman

#6: Spaghetti and Meatballs 

#7: Grilled Cheese @ Family Fun

#8: Sack Lunch @ Family Fun
[those are carrots, not Cheetos :)]

#9: Pizza Cake @ Easy Cake Ideas

pizza cake with toppings

#10: Faux Lasagna @ Food Network

Picture of April Fools' Lasagna: Banana-Pudding Cake Recipe

#11: Faux Can of Fruit @ Come Together Kids
[open it from the bottom, so the pull stop stays in place!]