Monday, March 21, 2011

Easter Crafts

Easter Craft: Bunny & Tulip Favor Cups

Easter Bunny Hiding in the Grass & Tulip Favor Cups
(Start saving you snack size plastic fruit bowls/cups now! You'll need one for each place setting or guest. These cups are also great to reuse to hold paint, glue or water.)

Plastic snack size fruit bowl/cup
Craft Glue or Glue Gun
Easter Basket Filler
Egg for Each Cup (Either Plastic or Real. You can write each guests name on the egg with a paint pen. If using plastic fill with jelly beans, a message or stickers.)
Lollipop (For grass basket)

Level: Moderate
Age 8+ (Younger with Adult assistance)

Bunny Hiding in the Grass

Grass Cup: Start with one clean snack cup. Measure five to six 2"w x 3.5"h sections of green felt for grass. Fringe along top. Hot glue works best but a good quality craft glue works as well. Overlap sections as you go. When dry trim top to desired length. Tie ribbon around middle/top of cup (you can glue gun in place.) Fill with jelly beans.

Bunny Cozy: Print out template (below). Cut out two bunny shapes. On one of the bunnies cut mouth detail. Cut out and Glue teeth to inside of bunny shape with mouth cut out. Run a glue bead around the edge of one bunny -- don't forget to glue the ears together. Sandwich the bunnies together. Add ear inserts and nose. I drew on eyes but you can glue on felt eyes or buttons. When dry cozy should fit over a standard size flat lollipop. I folded back the extra plastic wrapping on the lolli before I tucked it into the bunny. Stick bunny in grass cup.

Tulip Favor Cup
Start with clean snack cup. Cut out 6 petals (I provided a template -- but you don't really need one.) Hot glue works best when gluing felt to plastic. To make look tulip like, glue down one petal then glue two petal on top to create a v shape. See picture. Turn to other side and repeat. Cut out a strip of green felt or you can use ribbon to create handle. Pinking shears might add a nice decorative touch. Fill with Easter basket filler and place a real or plastic egg inside. Use a paint pen to add guests name. Fill plastic egg with jelly beans or stickers.

Bunny Garland How-ToGarland: Download and print the rabbit template. Trace onto vellum; cut out shape. Punch 2 holes in head; thread with yarn. Repeat as desired.
More Projects to Make with Our Bunny TemplatesGift bag: Cut an 11-by-2 1/2-inch strip of vellum. Position upright template so ears fall 2 1/2 inches below top edge. Trace; cut out. Fill 2 1/2-by-1-by-6-inch cellophane bags with favors, leaving about 2 1/2 inches empty. Wrap vellum around bag, fold top edges together, and punch 2 holes for ribbon tie.

Cupcake topper: Trace template onto vellum; cut out. Repeat. Coat back of 1 rabbit and top 1/2 inch of a 6-inch bamboo skewer with a glue stick. Sandwich the stick between 2 rabbits. Dry between the pages of a magazine for 30 minutes.

Read more at Easter Bunny Garland, Cupcake Toppers, and Gift Bags - Martha Stewart Holidays

Modern Easter Party Theme
Can you believe that Spring is already here?! (Ya… me either!) And in celebration of the new season and the holidays it brings, I’m excited to debut this brand-newfabulous – and aptly titled – “Easter Has Sprung” theme from Anders Ruff Custom Designs!
One of the first things that caught my eye about this theme was the bright colors. There’s something so refreshing about seeing vibrant, BOLD colors and patterns for an Easter theme. Also loving the hanging“garland” of paper parasols, the use of bookshelves as a “dessert buffet”, egg-shaped cake pops, DIY ribbon topiary trees, a fantastic cake covered in stripes & kaleidoscope patterns… and more!
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Read on for LOTS more colorful, inspiring pics, plus all the creative party details & resources from Maureen & Adria
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
Modern Easter Party Theme
PARTY DETAILS, as told by Maureen & Adria
We have spring fever at Anders Ruff and were excited to style our Easter Has Sprung Printable Design collection! We designed this printable collection with colors of chartreuse, aqua, periwinkle and tones of pink.  We incorporated patterns that remind us of Easter – including polkadots and gingham – as well as some unique, festive patterns like a stitched stripe and kaleidoscope/pinwheel pattern.
Here are some key elements from our shoot:
– Candy and confections go hand in hand at Easter.  Instead of styling a traditional dessert table, we decided to display our Easter desserts on white garden style shelving. This would be a unique and easy way for anyone to display desserts using a bookshelf from their own furniture collection.
– We picked out several elements that remind us of spring and Easter and brought them into the dessert table.
– Paper parasols of coordinating chartreuse/pink and aqua were hung upside down (to symbolize spring / easter / april showers bring may flowers) over the shelving from  Luna Bazaar.
– We displayed wheat grass in long glass containers (IKEA).  This is an easy way to bring a natural element onto your dessert table. (and add a pop of color) We stuck treats into the grass (marshmallow bunnies and chicks byDandy Delights), marshmallow lollipops with printable party logos and adorable coordinating cookies by Allyson Jane)
– Glass apothecary jars were displayed on every other shelf and were filled with candies from Candy Warehouse. We wrapped ribbon around the necks of the lids and added party logos from our printable collection.
– The top shelf held candies as well as adorable egg shaped cake pops that were displayed in tiny glass ramekins by Terri’s Party Treasures and were embellished with cute printable party flags from our collection.
– We served cupcakes in small natural square fiber pots that we painted with white paint.  We embellished these containers with ribbon and filled with natural kraft shred. Cupcake toppers from Two Sugar Babies added a pop of color onto the natural white butter cream and shred.  The cupcakes were served in pink baking cups from Hey Yo Yo.
– We found perfectly matching aqua lacquer boxes that were trimmed with white.  We lined the insides with our printable kaleidescope/pinwheel patterned paper design.
– We filled the lacquer boxes with natural shred and displayed cookies by Allyson Jane in one.  In the other we displayed a classic chocolate bunny along with blown eggs.  We also showed our easter egg candy button sets (DIY!)
– Our cake artist, Mandie of Got What It Cakes, designed a tiered cake with the bottom tier perfectly coordinating with our graphic kaleidescope/pinwheel pattern.  She made a  bunny silhouette to match our graphics for the top tier.
– A great find were these adorable tin lunchboxes from Michael’s that were gingham (in the perfect colors to match our collection).  We tied a favor hangtag from our printable collection to the side and added a party logo to the front to create an adorable favor container to display on the shelf.
– We made our own Easter baskets (DIY Project!) using natural fiber planters that we painted with matte white paint.  We drilled holes in the sides for the handles.  Ribbon was wrapped tightly around wire to create the handles. We then embellished the basket with thick wired ribbon.
– We showed a few ways to coordinate and fill your Easter Basket (DIY) – we used our printable bubble wraps to wrap the bubbles (a standard in every Easter basket, right?), egg shaped lollipop covers, egg wrappers and mini chocolate bar wrappers and printable treat cones.
– Homemade candy dots/buttons were made (by us!) in the shape of an easter egg (DIY) in the colors and design from our collection.  We showed them in cellophane bags with a patterned paper bag topper.
– Shes Kinda Crafty created a perfectly coordinating ribbon topiary tree that was filled with jellybeans. This was displayed on a shelf with chocolate bunnies.
– Our DIY Easter Basket project was also useful because we filled one with jellybeans and stuck long aqua/pink and white unicorn lollipops from Candy Warehouse out of the pot and filled it with jelly beans and real blown eggs.  This sat on the floor beside the shelving display.
– Soda glass bottles with our printable drink wrap embellishment were served on an aqua lacquer tray with green and white paper straws from Hey Yo Yo.
– We wanted to show the second half of our Easter shoot outside for a classic tradition – an Easter Egg Hunt.
– We hung our “Happy Easter” Banner among flowering bushes to enhance the outside scenery – anyone can put this simple decor up to make their outside environment festive without much fuss!
– We wanted to show our (DIY) Painted Fiber Pot Easter Baskets and (DIY) Fiber Pot Cupcake holders and the Ribbon Topiary, by Shes Kinda Crafty, in the natural elements.
– The kids loved carrying around their baskets, and they are very lightweight which is good for younger children.
– We of course, had the traditional Easter Egg Hunt with plastic filled Easter eggs.
– The complete Printable “Easter Has Sprung” collection is On Sale 50% off for a limited time.
– Event Styling, Graphic Design & Printables – Anders Ruff Custom Designs
– Photography – Becca Bond Photography
– Candy – Candy Warehouse
– Custom Cake – Got What It Cakes
– Cookies – Allyson Jane
– Cake Pops – Terri’s Party Treasures
– Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Two Sugar Babies 
– Bunny & Chick Marshmallows – Dandy Delights
Clothing and Accessories:
– Dress & Tie – Sweet Funky Vintage
– Hair Accessory - Sweet Things Kids
– Paper Parasols - Luna Bazaar 
– Paper Straws & Paper Baking Cups – Hey Yo Yo
– Ribbon Topiary – Shes Kinda Crafty
– Label Material –
“Mini Pearl” as “Peter Rabbit”
(Special Thanks to Marce Savage for letting us borrow Mini Pearl for the shoot!)