Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goodbye Snow

I used to love you, I used to wait impatiently for you to come. I would run around like a little school girl jumping for joy as soon as I caught a glimpse of you. You were beautiful in every way; I truly appreciated the silent nights where I could just look in wonder at your beauty and see everything. My vacation days were often spent with you, and the ones that were not I was always dreaming that you would be by my side. 

I have grown older now though. I realize that there is no beauty, only malice. You wish for me to exercise, to strain myself - for what? It doesn't matter to you that doing so causes an asthma attack which could surely kill me. You are cold, no freezing towards me, there is no longer that joy. Not so long ago I attempted to be joyous at the sight of your presence, I jumped I ran outside to greet you, but it was just a show for the little girl who loves you so much. She looks forward to seeing you, much like I used to, but I'm hollow inside now. The thought of you brings fear and doubt. I believe I even hate you. And although late at night in the shimmer of the perfect moon you are still beautiful, I realize the relationship will never be what it once was. 

This is why I wish you would simply move on, perhaps ten years down the line I will miss you so and welcome you, but not now and maybe never again. 

Goodbye my dear, Mr. Snow