Monday, March 28, 2011

Natural Sleep aids

Natural Remedies: Insomnia and Trouble Sleeping

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If you cannot seem to be getting any shut-eye, you could be suffering from what almost everyone at one point in their lives suffers from, insomnia.  If you're having trouble sleeping, your difficulties may be related to stress, depression, or even physical problems such as arthritis.  
Insomnia can become a habit that your body easily adapts to if you don't try to put a stop to the cycle.
Instead of counting on sheep, try counting on these remedies:
  • Get up and walk around. If you keep tossing and turning in bed try getting up and taking a walk outside until you feel tired again. Watching television or reading can help, especially if the television is boring.
  • Don't face the clock. Try removing clocks from your bedroom. Clock-watching can feed into the pattern of insomnia.  If you need an alarm, put one outside your bedroom door.
  • Work out early. Exercise is a good way to get rid of insomnia. Although, exercising two to three hours right before going to bed will only keep you awake. So plan accordingly.
  • Give yourself down time. Don't do bills or work right before you go to sleep, but do something that winds you down.  Try listening to soothing music or doing something that you find relaxing.
  • Skip the afternoon nap. Try to not take naps during the day because it can take away your ability to be able to have a sound sleep.
  • Milk and turkey can help. Try having a glass of milk an hour before going to sleep. If milk upsets your stomach, eat a turkey sandwich. The chemical tryptophan in both milk and turkey, causes drowsiness.
For insomnia, eat tomatoes, tangerines, or oranges.