Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pancake Party Outdoors

Entertain With A Pancake Breakfast

Every once in a while I love to entertain in the morning with breakfast or brunch.  It's a fun way to begin the day, and can be prepped the night before so you aren't exhausted at party time.  The inspiration here comes from the fantastic pancake station, and is accompanied by simple touches for a feeling of down-home comfort. 

The Pancake Bar:  Serve a variety of syrups from small bottles or jars with simple hand crafted labels.  Provide other toppings like fruit, nuts, or mini chocolate chips, and of course, whipped cream.  Quinch your thirst with fruit juice (added to champagne ;D ), milk, and coffee.

Set the table with fresh flowers housed in an array of containers.  Jars and vases, as well as teacups are easy and convey a 'no-fuss' feel.  If you like, stack small pancakes on each plate, with a flag place card inserted.      

A fun favor project is to fill disposable travel coffee cups with treats or other appropriate items.  You simply wrap the cup with pretty paper (secure with double stick tape), and embelish with scrapbooking pieces, or tie on a tag with the guest's name.  Fun fillers could include a gift certificate to Starbucks, a pre-packaged breakfast bar, mini bottles of maple syrup, etc.  

Photo LinksBuffet, bottles, & chalk boardDining table; coffee cup favors(unknown), hanging tea cup