Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ribbon Flowers

Flowers made with ribbon

Lately I've had a touch of the crafting bug. I've been wanting to get busy and creative doing some craft projects....especially with materials that I already have.

This afternoon, I did some google searching to find out how I could make flowers for Paisley's headbands with ribbon. I was excited to discover how easy it is!
First you cut a piece of ribbon, about 6 inches or so long. The longer the ribbon, the more "bunchy" your flower will be.
Next, thread your needle and do a running stitch on the ribbon.
Pull the thread tight to create the flower and then sew the ends together.
Go find a cute button and then sew the button on. I have a little bag with my sewing things with some buttons in it. They are just extra buttons that have come with clothes etc. and I never thought I'd use them for anything!
I hot glued an old hair clip onto this flower. This way I can clip it to any of Paisley's headbands.
Here they are! I made the pink one on the right the same way except I sewed it onto a headband that Paisley already had. The headband just had a little heart on it so, I removed the heart and I think the flower looks so cute on it!