Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tea Cup Bird Feeder Chandelier

Here are her instructions: "The tea cup birdfeeder was made from a cheap old chandelier, the arms used to hang down, I simply twisted the arms facing up and took out all the wiring. It won't matter,as long as it's flat enough to glue the saucer to it. I didn't sand it or do anything to it, but you might want to, this one was rusty,and I spray painted it white knowing rust would come back through which was the look I was going for. I looked for pretty cups and saucers at yard sales and thrift stores til I got 5 sets, for the 5 arms on this particular chandelier, they don't need to match. So pretty much scrounge up an old lamp, spray paint it, use silicone to glue the saucers to the lamp, glue the cups to the saucers, add some birdseed and hang it up. You could use any lamp that will work for you, mine had a chain already on it."