Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kitchen makeover


My Kitchen Redo!

Here are my Before pictures

The sink was old school and needing a major update....
good thing I know a great plumber!
(P.S. my husband owns a plumbing company
so if you are in need of a good plumber give
Kyle a call 480-907-9826
with North Star Plumbing)
This Kitchen was ready for a face lift and we were able to give it a make over
All by ourselves with a VERY limited budget!
I mean like less then $400 dollars
(if you look through the window you can see all the furniture I have in need of some makeovers)


I won't even lie..... I LOVE my new kitchen appliances!
We got them at the sears outlet store they carry stuff that has minor little dings and dents... I could not even find the dents or dings on these, the store people had to point them out. 
Its a great place to find good deals!
I have have this sign forever and 
I love having a spot to hang my keys!
I still need to print out something cute to go into that little picture frame 
in the middle of the key holder!
Here is the hubby working away! 
I am very lucky to have a husband who really knows a lot about doing "projects." 

If you take a close look you can see into the playroom.... thats not quite done but is soooo fun, the dragonfly and flower on the walls are wooden and my mom and I hot glued them to the wall!
 Hey whatever works!
One more shot of the AFTER:

This project cost break down:

Paint and supplies: $100

Subway tile and supplies for tile: $150 
(we got it our local Restore Warehouse)

Counter tops: FREE!!!! 
can you believe it... they were a gift, 
from a company that my father in law deals with for business!

Sink: $100

Labor: FREE

Curtains $30 

Total: $380

We did this project all by ourselves!!!