Friday, April 8, 2011

Storing backdrops


by Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops Fan Page on Friday, April 8, 2011 at 11:58pm
Customers have been sharing how they store their backdrop and floors as well as how they hang them (as well as other questions and suggestions).  I thought I would create a spot where everyone can share their methods in the comments or post links to their set ups.

I thought this would be a good way to share...

What I've received so far from our clients:

Katy Allen Atkinson:

Check this out...  I think this is the way I may go when I can afford to buy a few more backgrounds. It's a youtube video by silverlake photo.

Heidi Hope:

I'm going to nail two binder type artist clips to my wall and hang them from there (tomorrow actually!)


Kelly Wilk:

"Thought I would share how I hang my backdrops... I work from a home studio and have a removable curtain rod that I was attaching my backdrops to with heavy duty clamps from Home Depot...Wasn't too happy with this method because I found it left slight ripples on the backdrops so...I went to a local fabric shop and asked them for the card board tubing that they use for their fabric bolts.  They were more then happy to GIVE them to me (better to recycle then to throw them out!)  I then used a staple gun (with not too big of a staple and stapled the top of the back drop to the card board tube which is now easy to roll up and store plus it just slides on to my curtain rod so easily.  If I decide to use the backdrop as a floor, I just make sure the tube is to the side or away from the wall...I'm sure everyone has a method that works for them but so far, this has worked the best for me..."


Jolene Grove McDowell:

I go to the local hardware store and cut sections of wooden closet rods (about 1.5 inches in diameter) and about a foot longer than the drops. I then drill holes in each end so they slide down over top my backdrop stands. I go the expensive way and velcro them to the rods and then role them up on the rod for storage and transport. I have an extra rod that I use at the bottom to add a little weight to the piece on the floor. This is not the cheapest method, but it works for me. 

Mary Loomis Glynn: 

PVC piping makes awesome backdrop holders and easy take down and storage. You can look online for PVC photography back drop holders


Heather Guck Soskin:

I attached 2 curtain rods and differant heights to the wall in the studio, I then clamp the backdrops on when I'm using one. I store them in the tubes they were shipped in, with a picture of each backdrop on the outside of the tube for reference.

Annet Hammond: 

I went to my local fabric store and asked for empty tubes that the "home style" fabrics come on, and I roll my back drops on that, I have a manfrotto system for my seamless backdrop paper, and I purchased two individual brackets mounted those underneath and now I have room for 6 rolls at one time, the rest is stored in a closet, its not the cheapest way but it looks nice, clean,organized AND professional !


Virginia Powell:  

I just purchased an inexpensive peice of panel board (about 18 bucks), and had it cut to the size of my drops. My plan is to stand the panel board up and clamp it to my backdrop stand and then clamp the drop to the panel board so it is nice and tight. Another plus is that you can prop the panel board with drop attached up against a wall so your subject can lean on it for added use. I'll be trying it out this weekend, but I've done it with a piece of privacy fence outdoors and it worked very well.

Erin Noie 
I did a combo of Jolene and Heather's methods. Closet rod, wall brackets and velcro. I love it so far!!

Update 1/23/11:  Erin just submitted this today: - more great info!!

Jenn Tuttle:

"So a few days ago I got my 16 new backdrops/ flooring!! WOOOHOOOO!!!
Once I got them all out… they CONSUMED my floor…. I had PILES of them LOL!!! So with my hubby we came up with a great idea… and since hes a welder this was going to be cake for him! WHEW… Im so glad hes such a handyman in times like this!!!

So here it is… my wall mount for my backdrops I got from photo prop floors and backdrops:"

If you want one of your own email Jenn at:
$75 (shipping included)

Heather Fristick DeFranco

I know somewhere there was a conversation on here about how to store all your backdrops...I just opened a new studio and am using hooks made to hold garden hoses...I got them for $5 each at lowes and they work is a picture! If you are looking for a cheap way to store your backdrops, try this:


QUESTION:  Jennifer Morais I have a question that maybe even a photog can answer for me. For the b/d's with the faux baseboard.... how do you get it to stay flush against the floor without it rolling up at the bottom?

PhotoProp Floors-Backdrops: This is what I do in my shoots:  Take a look at the mini clamps at the bottom of the drop. I use them to clamp the drop to the floor. Here is another pic:
Sabrina Birch Graves: you can use the backdrop w/ your own "real" floor as long as you use a good baseboard and clamp the backdrop to the baseboard. 
Tina Francisco: I clamp it to my backdrop stand leg or the tube it came in ;)
PhotoProp Floors-Backdrops: If you want to use your real floor and you have a printed backdrop - what I suggest is using a long piece of cardboard and clamping it to the back of the backdrop. That's what I've done before. :)


Please feel free to share your method in the comments below and I will add them here!  :)