Piggy Bow Tutorial

After I had Macey the girls in the ward (neighborhood) got together and had a bow party.  I didn’t know how to make bows so it was fun to have someone show me how.  After that I went out and bought tons of ribbon and made a bow to match every one of Maceys outfits.  So here is how I learned how to do bows.  I’m sure there are lots of other ways, but this is one way I do it.
First your going to need 7/8ths width ribbon and 3/8ths width ribbon, a needle and thread, hot glue gun and a clippy to glue the bow on to.
Cut your ribbon at an angle and seal your edge with a candle or Fraycheck.  Then pinch your ribbon into thirds about two inches from the end.
Bring your ribbon around to make a loop and pinch it into thirds again.  Pinching into thirds gives the bow some oomph and makes it poofyish.
Make a loop on the other side and pinch again.  Do this until you have two loops on each side.
Once you’ve got your double looped bow your going to take the center where all your ribbon is pinched together and stick a needle and thread through it.  Be sure and double or tripple knot the end of your thread!  Pull your thread all the way through and then wrap the remaining thread around the center really tight.
So it looks like this.
Take your 3/8ths inch width ribbon and tie a knot in it and pull it tight.
Put the knot over the midde where the thread is and hot glue the knotted ribbon on the backside to the bow.
Now we are going to line the hair clip with ribbon (you can get these at Sally Beauty supply.)  Put a dot of hot glue on the backside and put your 3/8ths width ribbon on it.
Flip the clip over and put another dot of glue on the front side and pull your ribbon around the back and to the front.
This ones tricky.  Put a dot of glue on the inside of the clip and pull your ribbon around an inside.  Now that you’ve got your clip lined with ribbon and there’s no ugly metal visible stick a big dob of hot glue on top of the clip an glue your bow down to it.
And your finished! Except your going to want to cut your ends so they are the matching length. Maybe it’s just the funny angle of the camera that makes one look longer than the other. 
Rinse and repeat as desired.